Kay Morris is a local painter who has been painting, studying and exhibiting since moving to Maine in 1990.  She has had numerous solo shows, and her work has been accepted in many juried shows in the state.  Her watercolors have been selected for the Old Hallowell Days poster in 1994, 1997 and 2001.  Favorite subject matters are windows and still life.  Her work has been described as “playful yet precise”.

“I find Maine’s variety of scenes fascinating.  Often I incorporate bits of Asia into my still life paintings, having lived in Korea and Malaysia for six years.  I am an impressionist painter, approaching conventional subject matter in what I hope is an original way.  Generally painting from life, I am particularly intrigued with the play of light and shadow, color shapes and linear aspects of the subject.”

Her educational background includes a minor in art at Plymouth State University and two years study at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

2 thoughts on “Biography

    • Hi Matthew. Thanks for the note and my apologies for not responding sooner. I need to be more active on this. I’ve signed my paintings “Kay Morris” for quite some time for this exact reason. It’s important for artists to sign their full names so people don’t have a doubt about the artist. For a while I did sign my paintings with just the letter “K” and I suppose I could have used “Kay” as well. Is it possible to describe the watercolor or somehow send an image of it?

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